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70 %

of all companies worldwide have been in crisis in the last five years. 

This is the result of a study by PwC. And those 70 % did not only experience one emergency in a short period of time - on average there were three.

95% of managers report that their crisis management capabilities need to be improved. 65% of the managers polled globally reported that they are not sufficiently prepared for crises. 

PwC Global Crisis Survey 2021: featuring more than 2,800 managers from 73 countries and 29 industries. 

Are you truly fit for the future?  Do you have an eye on all risks? 

Do you want to perform a check-up and put your company throught its paces?

What's the return on investment into crisis prevention?

Protect your revenues.

Improve your image.

Safeguard and motivate your employees.

Maintain the trust of your employees.

Strengthen your crisis defence now.