What is Iron Dome Digital
Crisis Platform ?

Our Iron Dome software-as-a-service platform is the only comprehensive fully automated crisis preparation & management system for middle and large corporations in the energy, financial services, and healthcare industries.

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These are the five biggest
risks for crises globally:

Cyber attacks 
Data breaches 
Unplanned IT & telecom outages 
Interruption to utility supply 
Adverse weather 

Based on our twenty years' experience in crisis defence, the following risks join the list:  


Covering up mistakes 

Lack of competence in crisis communication (as a cause of PR crises) 

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How you benefit from our solution 

One tool instead of five different channels - keep an eye on everything!

Alerts for issues and crises: all proccesses run automatically. Your team handles its tasks entirely digitally.

Extremely fast response time: an intelligent algorithm shows you the way.

Virtual crisis war room: kiss your flipcharts goodbye!

Cloud based: Iron Dome protects you even in case of an outage of your operating system.

Media monitoring: see what's happening out there.

Evacuation? Just one click away.

Analogue and digital measures can be combined at will

… and many more features!

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The basis of Iron Dome is a crisis defense concept that you can rely on and has been tested many times in practice.

We are in constant touch with our clients. Their experience and our expertise continuously improves the digital platform.